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Search & Rescue



The true story of an Air America helicopter pilot, adapted from . .

Across the MeKong by Charles O. Davis.

LAOS . . . 1965

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Produced and directed by Charles Langdon; adapted for radio by Dave Aime; "Search and Rescue" is based on Charles O. Davis' book, ACROSS THE MEKONG, the true story of an American helicopter pilot who flew for the CIA's Air America in Laos during the 1960's.

This radio play is only a part of a thoughtful story of a little known war involving a time and place with people that Charlie Davis says ". . . were the most exciting and challenging of my life. It was such an important time to me, a thin slice of a few months and years when I was young and the juices of life flowed so freely. Adventure and living on the edge, they were so important to me at the time. Those exciting days were huge stepping stones to the rest of my life."

Characters portrayed in this radio play are Pat McCarthy, Edgar "Pop" Buell, Jerry Daniels, John Grassi and Charlie Davis. Mentioned as part of the story are Colonel Thong and George Carroll.

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