Saturday, May 31, 2008
One Hundred Thousand Diameters

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Although RadioVisions is a home for newly written and produced "radio plays," this presentation is an exception. "One Hundred Thousand Diameters" was one of 106 programs in the broadcast series "Quiet Please" which aired from the summer of 1947 to the summer of 1949, first on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network then on the Mutual Broadcasting System.

Old Time Radio devotees describe the "Quiet Please" series as one of the most thought-provoking and adult of radio shows. Creator and writer Wyllis Cooper and gifted story teller Ernest Chappell specialized in putting everyday people into extraordinary circumstances.

For decades the script "Ten Hundred Thousand Diameters" was considered lost. Then recently a copy was found. However, no known recording of the original radio play has survived.

As a tribute to the memory of the of "Quiet Please" and using the original script, members of the Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club (, developed live sound effects, rehearsed, recreated and recorded on November 9, 2007 "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DIAMETERS" as it may have sounded during the Golden Age of Radio.

Now imagine you are in Mutual Studio 15 in New York City. It's Monday, June7, 1948 at 8pm. The words you will hear have not been spoken in almost 60 years.

... excerpt from MWOTRC presentation by Maury Cagle

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I've listened to this radio play and I know what "the thing" looks like. I thought about drawing a picture and posting it above, but it's . . . it's just too . . . too scary.

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